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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Mikael Wiberg (Umea, Sweden) will join the discussion for the new platform that we will develop together (MLE and UMEA)

posted by Cati Boulanger @ 8:09 AM

Friday, April 02, 2004

Structure of collaboration :

Cati: workshops, prototyping and collaborations
Cati and Diana : new physical platform development, workshops and tests with 10-12 years old teenages. Textable movie hardware & software improvment .
Toshi & his team : textable movie professional development
Glorianna & Yumi : support and advice

posted by Cati Boulanger @ 7:19 AM

Textable movie short paper (6 pages) has been accepted to TIDSE 2004
---- if anyone needs it, let me know , cati -----

posted by Cati Boulanger @ 6:52 AM

Diana Africano from the
Interaction Design Lab
Institute of Design
Umeå University
SE- 90187 Umeå - Sweden
will collaborate with me.
Together we will design a new hardware platform to be used in different locations.

--- she has found a school to run design development with 10-12 years old kids while I am running my workshop at the computer clubhouse. We will then compare results and design hardware and software based on that. Of course the base will be textable movie as a starting point to talk about each others, but the idea is to add hardware platform to it

posted by Cati Boulanger @ 6:24 AM

Thursday, April 01, 2004

Pangaea's help in software development.
Yumi and Toshi offered to develop the next version of Textable Movie.

posted by Cati Boulanger @ 2:14 AM