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Thursday, January 29, 2004

To develop

--- The idea is to have Textable Movie as a platform to share video games, videos stories among communities. Each of the community will have an email, and will create a video database. The user will be able to play with a video database per country, or per mixing them all together, or mixing just two or three (the urgent need is to be able to have a different type of database management to allow the labeling of a video segment). By playing with specific database, the user can ask questions, via an email to send to the community who made the database.

----> contribution:
- it will not only be free to use for the entire planet, but it will be part of Pangaea, and help this idea of cultural exchange, and desire to visit someone else's country. Children will not only learn about themselves, and their country but also learn about other. The ongoing discussion will hopefully confront them to their stereotypes, and will make them motivated to "know more", to "create" and "express" their ideas through the use of media, to expand their knowledge.
- in the future we can easily connect the database to a cell phone, or ipaq and exhibit the work of the children, and users interacting with their movies and games in the street.
- the code can then be used in the future for the entire media lab community. I think Henry and Hugo would be also interested in looking at the workshop results when we would have integrated and make use of Open Mind.

----> in detail the work consist on:

* Interface Design
Cati will create all graphic and sounds elements to make the interface much more professional. Textable movie should allow the user to navigate through different menu: movie teaching (cinemaware adapted), email (be able to send a note to another country video game), and textable movie. The interface should ask their language (by clicking on a flag), and then their name.

* Cinemare Integration
Aisling already gave the coode for cinemaware. The idea is to integrate it to textable movie in order to cut the video segments as part of textable movie. We will add the possibility to label your own segments of movies but describing them (a sentence for instance) to be able to use ARIA and OMC database. Then when Open mInd will be added to textable Movie, the user will be able to easily find the desired segments based on its description.

* automatic translation of words inside of the description. The description of the video segments should be .... (need to look at the work of Ken for that). For now we will consider everything is in english, but the software should conisder an automatic translation of keywords.

* create an installer working on multi platform

* improve the exportation of a movie by making the text par of the movie. When they export, the user can name the movie.

* the system save each session of the user per name. So that the system remember what has been done.

* add all the functions that were in the Max/Msp version of etxtable movie (RGB values, speed, noise, etc...)

* add all the multi media functionality that was in the Max/Msp version: retrieve sounds, video, images

* ARIA & Open Mind integration to Textable Movie (Henry and Hugo gave me their code)

* Multiple labeling
Being able to have mutiple media name the same way (see Aria ). Allow the mixing of video database easily, but need strong work on database management. However the work done with Aria and Open Mind should help A LOT.

posted by Cati Boulanger @ 6:40 AM